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Track Listing

1. Campfires in Winter - White Lights

2. Moonsoup - Cheer Up, Kid! (feat. Sulka)

3. Randolph's Leap - Planet Sound

4. The State Broadcasters - Be The Someone

5. Jo Mango - Cordelia (feat. The Madrigirls)

6. Carla J. Easton - Caught In The Midst

7. Henry & Fleetwood - Little Light

8. Pocket Knife - Pizza Song

9. The Moth & The Mirror - Bell Jar

10. Woodenbox - Punchin

11. Call To Mind - Recovery

12. The Son(s) - Silver Fingers

Release Date: 15 November 2020 on Olive Grove Records                 

Format: Digital Download // 12"Pink and Blue Vinyl

Olive Grove Records will this month (November 2020) celebrate its 10th birthday with the release of ‘Get Into the Grove’, a compilation of new and unreleased work from across the label’s roster.

The compilation album will be released digitally on 15th November 2020, with the vinyl release to follow at the beginning of 2021.

A decade ago, Scottish music bloggers Lloyd Meredith (Peenko) and Halina Rifai (Podcart) joined forces to provide a new platform for artists from the burgeoning Scottish music scene. And so Olive Grove Records was born.

After being made redundant from a rather dull office job, Meredith used part of his pay off to get the label off the ground. The label began simply, as many do, by championing music from within a local scene.

Priding themselves on nurturing new music, Olive Grove has always given artists freedom to make exactly the kind of music they want to make


In its early days, Olive Grove set out to act as a ‘stepping stone’ with the aim of developing artists and moving them forward to bigger things. Following the success of the label’s debut release, Randolph's Leap's EP 'Battleships & Kettle Chips’ the last decade has seen the label go on to release some of the finest music from the Scottish scene.

Following Rifai’s departure, Lloyd Meredith became the driving force behind the label.

Lloyd says: "I take a lot of pride in the music we've released over the past 10 years. You can't run a label in your spare time whilst also having a full time job and being a dad if you don't love what you do".

Highly influenced by the DIY approach of Scottish indie labels such as Fence, Chemikal Underground and Song, by Toad, Olive Grove made its name releasing music from the likes of Jo Mango, Broken Chanter, Woodenbox, Campfires in Winter and Randolph’s Leap.

The Glasgow independent label released the 2019 SAY Award short-listed album 'Impossible Stuff' from Scotland's queen of pop, Carla J Easton. They went onto release Easton's much heralded follow up, 'WEIRDO', which Pitchfork described as "… the ominous glimmer of synth-wave with the maximalist fun of Carly Rae Jepsen’s ’80s throwbacks."

In celebration of a decade of independence, Olive Grove are releasing 'Get Into The Grove', features a  compilation of new and reworked music from some of the Olive Grove family, including Carla J. Easton, Randolph’s Leap, The State Broadcasters, Henry & Fleetwood, The Moth & The Mirror, Woodenbox, Campfires in Winter, among others.

The album will be available from with the digital release landing on 15 November and a vinyl release to follow in early 2021.

For further information on Olive Grove Records please contact Lloyd at

Caught In The MidstCarla J. Easton
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