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The Indoor Mortal Orchestra -

You Give A Little Love

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Release Date: 12 May 2020 on Olive Grove Records                 

Format: Digital Download 


Between 9pm-thru-9pm 1st-2nd May, following weeks of preparation, The Indoor Mortal Orchestra, a 17-strong virtually-assembled collective of music professionals, began the bewildering challenge of crowdsourcing a mini-orchestra & array of vocalists to record, produce & release a charity single cover of Bugsy Malone’s hope-filled earworm, 'You Give a Little Love'’ — all in 24 hours. This over-ambitious challenge was inspired by comedian Mark Watson's 24-hour Watsonathon on-line fundraising event, whose long-form comedy shows often involve elaborate & seemingly impossible challenges set or taken on by audience members.


Over the course of a calendar day, The Indoor Mortal Orchestra’s production team pulled off the inspiring feat of assembling, mixing, editing & synching individually & remotely recorded music & vocal parts + video footage, chosen from 60+ contributors around the world, producing a joyous version of the classic movie-musical number. The end result is a glorious celebration of collaboration & community.

Contributors include Miles Jupp (vocals), Kevin Eldon (vocals), Duglas T. Stewart (vocals; BMX Bandits), Will Calderbank (cello; Mumford and Sons, The Leisure Society, Ray Davies), Jen Schande (vocals; Schande), Danny Green (vocals; DGSolaris, Laish), Simon Love (vocals, guitar; The Loves), Richard Jackson (vocals; composer, Albatros Archive), & Shenandoah Davis (vocals; singer-songwriter, Paul Williams live band alumna) + multiple amateur & talented musicians & singers who answered the call on the day. Full details of all contributors can be found in the full official music video accompanying the single release


All profits are in aid of the charities FareShare (national network of charitable food redistributors), Hospice IGN (the professional association for UK Hospice fundraisers) & NextUp’s Heckle The Virus fund (supporting out-of-work circuit comedians)

Help give a little love back to those who need it most right now & buy or stream to donate & assist.

Thank you x

Adam Whitmore (legal & admin manager)
Bill Cummings (press, publicity)
Bonnie Fairbrass (social media)
Brian Brady (social media)
Caitlin Whelan (social media manager)
Christopher Brooke (producer & arranger)
Daniel Jones (graphic design)
Darwin Hannon (social media)
Ed Jupp (admin & social media)
Ed Truckell (mixer, editor & mastering)
Jo Whitby (social media)
Joe Marvelly (video editor)
Keith Holmes (producer, arranger & editor)
Kristin Dienst-Braun (social media)
Meinir Slaymaker (production manager)
Pippa Caole (admin & data manager)
Sam Bull (production assistant)
Sam Lewis (mixer & editor)
Thomas Westgård (mixer & editor)

With invaluable assistance & advice from Marcus Hamblett & Mike Turner



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