Track Listing

1.     Abalone

2.     Old Tree

3.     Post It 

4.     Sunday Service

5.     Steady

Release Date: 12 February 2021 

on Olive Grove Records                 

Format: Digital // CD

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"Notes And Dreams may be a record that comes from the anxieties of isolation, yet it is shaping up to be a celebration, an anchor to reality when the world gets overwhelming, and fittingly a soundtrack for when the good times, one day soon, can once more begin to roll." - For the Rabbits

Raveloe - Sunday ServiceRaveloe
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It is with great pleasure that we introduce to you, Notes and Dreams, the exquisite debut EP from Raveloe, (pronounced Rave-low) the new musical project of Glasgow-based singer, Kim Grant.

Traditionally most artists are first discovered playing in smaller basement-type venues, with sticky floors and sweaty walls. With live shows being much of a non-starter during lockdown, Grant took to recording live streams from her bedroom which included performing alongside the likes of Withered Hand and Chrissy Barnacle.

In what was a rare occasion to play live to a real life audience, Raveloe was invited to perform at this year's Govanhill Street Music Festival, which saw Grant having to switch from the familiarity of playing in basement bars, to performing next to the backdrop of a children's play park (full of screaming kids). 

This chance opportunity caught the ear of Olive Grove owner, Lloyd Meredith, who was captivated by her raw and intimate vocals. After listening to Grant's home recorded EP, Olive Grove quickly signed her up as the newest addition to the Glasgow label's already impressive roster.


After her previous band, Tongue Trap split, Grant decided at the end of 2019 to embark on her new solo venture, Raveloe. With all live shows, aside from the aforementioned performance, cancelled and plans to record an album put on on hold, Grant had to adapt and change her plans. “I started Raveloe with anticipation and excitement for the year ahead and like everyone faced a tidal wave of uncertainty”.


Recording at home over lockdown, with the help of friends from locations as diverse as Derby, Dumfries and Melbourne, Notes and Dreams  was a way for Grant to deal with the intense anxiety at that time, which she was able to channel it into creating something. "I ventured into home recording and it's ended up being a really creative time for me, with music being my anchor and release."

Taking her new moniker from a place in George Eliot's novel, Silas Marner. "It's about a reclusive weaver who lives in a town called Raveloe. I identified with his character in some ways, Silas a weaver of threads and myself, a weaver of words and song (as well as his departure from organised religion). I also just really loved the word and like the juxtaposition of images it conjures. That this fictional town is as real as you make it, just like the world I want to create in my music."

Raveloe's hushed folk missives give you that feeling of comfort and devastation in equal measure. "Through my music I want to make something relatable and share honestly but also create a space that is transportive, atmospheric and at times cathartic. Connecting with the listener is really important to me as well as exploring my inner and outer surroundings. I weave my past experiences with present observations and thoughts, and I hope to take who ever is listening on a journey. 'On a mountain, in a city, in a dream, through the window', Raveloe is where I pour my heart out and explore what it is to be alive through music."

This is an EP soaked in the light, and at times, darkness found in life. Grant has channelled her isolation into a thing of such beauty, this is one to keep close and treasure.

Notes and Dreams will be released 12th February 2021 on Olive Grove Records. For further information please contact Lloyd 

at lloyd@olivegroverecords.com



Song credits:

Jacob Tomlinson: Drums - All songs

Izzy Rose: Bass - Post it and Steady

Jen Anthan: Strings - Old Tree

Erin F. Watt: Piano - Post it

Kim Grant: Vocals, Guitar, Synth and Sounds - All Songs


Steady mixed by Jason Riddell

Mastered by Mark Jasper