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A copy of the eponymous debut Broken Chanter LP on delicious vinyl. 


A stunning, stately debut - The Skinny


Poignant electro-futurist folk [where] one of the elements which resonates most clearly MacGregor’s continuing ability with a shining pop chorus. - The Scotsman


Pairing catchy choruses and post-pop grooves, with melancholic, self-deprecating lyrics about ageing and resilience, MacGregor offers up a tasty slice of Scottish indie avant-pop, shot through with streams of folk and electronica - The List


As with all the songs here, MacGregor cuts to the heart with the tiniest lyrical details. Like slow strobe flashes throwing light on the past, we see snatches of stories symbolised in ordinary objects and overheard conversations, leaving us to fill in the missing pieces - Gold Flake Paint


From insistent lead single 'Wholesale', through a heavenly collaboration with Gaelic star Kim Carnie, to closing secular hymnal 'Free Psalm', the record glides and soars - a bird's eye view of frosted landscapes and snowy hills - The National


Record of Note (w/b 3 Sept 2019) – Roddy Hart Show, BBC Radio Scotland


Top 25 Artists to Watch in 2019 – Vic Galloway, BBC Radio Scotland


Album of the Week (w/b 3 Sept 2019) – Rapal, BBC Radio nan Gàidheal

Broken Chanter - Broken Chanter Vinyl Album

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