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We’d like to introduce you to the Archipelago EPs. ​ 
Our archipelago is formed not of islands, but of three sumptuous slices of vinyl featuring six very exciting artists. Each split 12” EP is outstanding in its own right, but collected together they form a quite remarkable document. A sublime collection of artists right at the start of their recording career, filled with desire, ideas, and energy, and artists experienced in their craft, finding new ways to create and producing something different and quite beautiful. ​Eye-pleasing artwork by Kris Ferguson adorns all three records and will form a stunning and surprising vista when sat alongside each other in the correct sequence.


Each artist occupies their own side of vinyl, neighbours to their labelmates only a flip of a record away. ​


The EPs are as follows:​


August 2019 
Jared Celosse ​- Vol. 1 
Chrissy Barnacle - Vol. 2


November 2019 
Pocket Knife ​- Vol. 3 
Moonsoup ​- Vol. 4


Ships March 2020

Circle Meets Dot​ - Vol. 5 
Henry and Fleetwood - Vol. 6


The records are all on eco-mix coloured vinyl, they have been produced using recycled vinyl pellets within the plant - every single record is unique.


The series of EPs were recorded thanks to funding from Creative Scotland's National Lottery Distribution Fund.

Archipelago EPs

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