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Poster Paints

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Poster Paints are Simon Liddell (Olympic Swimmers, Frightened Rabbit) and Carla J Easton who have changed their way of working and embraced the “new normal” to make art. Their debut single "Number 1" is an instant anthem. Teenage love, feeling invincible and long hot summers. 

Introduced through mutual friend Eugene Kelly of The Vaselines, Poster Paints was born as a result of the pandemic lockdown as a chance for Easton and Liddell to continue to be creative and collaborate: “The chance to still be able to do something you love became a reason to get out of bed," says Easton. "Something to hold on to, something that still couldn’t be taken away.”

Having worked remotely with Frightened Rabbit, whose members often found themselves in different cities, Liddell already had a blueprint for this method of collaboration. The process was based around home studios - emailing tracks back and forth, DIY vocal booths in wardrobes combined with state of the art drum studios. “It’s not the perfect way to work - it’ll never replace the chemistry of writing and playing in a room together," he says, "but when isolation is a necessity, we’re lucky to be living in a time that we have the technology to collaborate in this way.”

Poster Paints isn’t boxed in by genre restrictions or limited studio time. There was no end goal in how a song should sound. As a result the music is free; it’s the sound of two people exploring a new collaboration Glasgow indie pop, dream pop and shoegaze - the bands they grew up listening to, and are passionate about. "Number 1" features contributions from Jonny Scott (CHVRCHES) and Suse Bear (Tuff Love, Good Dog) and is produced by Liddell, mixed by David R Simpson, mastered by Paul Gallagher and made possible through funding from Creative Scotland. “It’s just so immediate” says Easton of the track. “Summer pop scuzz. Jesus and Mary Chain meets Moe Tucker by way of The Supremes."


Poster Paints are here to soundtrack your summer.

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