Call To Gigs
// February 25, 2014


Call To Mind Video Premiere – March 17th.
// February 23, 2014



Quick Fire Questions with Jo Mango
// January 25, 2014

Well folks tomorrow is showcase day. Today we have the last of our quick fire question rounds. Answering is the last of our roster – Jo Mango. A beautiful lady inside and out.


OG: If you could be in any other band on the Olive Grove roster who would it be?
JM: This is one of those “choose between your children” questions you know that? Eeeesh. Ok… I think I would choose Randolph’s Leap. In this imaginary scenario I play the trumpet and get to rock out in the brass section and make a REALLY LOUD NOISE! It was brilliant watching all the people dancing to their set at our Queens Hall show. I’d like to have crazy dancers at my show. Such a happy sight.

OG: In 5 words describe your band
JM: Hushed, intricate, fragile musical stories

OG: What does 2014 hold for you?
JM: The writing of a new album. I’m going to try and cheer myself up with this one. And the recording of a Christmas EP hopefully, along with some remixes to keep everyone going in the meantime. Oh… And a holiday!

OG: What are you looking forward to most about Celtic Connections?
JM: The Olive Grove family photo!! Of course.

OG: Why should people come to the show?
JM: There’s an unprecedented amount of musical variety on offer. It’s a little slice of history really. Maybe one day they’ll make a film about the Jo Mango band still slogging away playing basement shows in obscurity in their 80s while all the other OG bands have gone on to be hugely rich and famous (Lloyd is an oligarch, Halina owns a football club). And you can say you were there. You saw it in its entirety.

Plus, Halina and Lloyd have built up a pretty hefty amount of good karma over the years with their ceaseless hard work for musical good causes, so I imagine there’s a lot to go round (if anyone has been snapping at young children lately and needs to make some back!)

Quick Fire Questions with Jamie Ross (Call To Mind)
// January 24, 2014

The countdown is almost done! Only 2 days till our Celtic Connections showcase. Today we have the most famous haircut on the label – Jamie Ross answering our quick fire round. He is from our new signing Call To Mind!


OG: If you could be in any other band on the Olive Grove roster who would it be?  
JR: We would rope a in member from each band, almost in a Captain Planet sytlee, and form an Olive Grove supergroup! “When these powers combine…”

OG: In 5 words describe your band
JR: Glacial pop from the Highlands

OG: What does 2014 hold for you?
JR: We’re releasing our first album, which we’re really happy to be doing with Olive Grove. It’ll be out in March. We’ll be playing some other festivals later this year as well, so it’ll be nice to get out there.

OG: What are you looking forward to most about Celtic Connections?
JR: There is a ton of great stuff on at Celtic Connections this year. Bill Callahan will be amazing and Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub) is playing with The New Medicants. Also, the Paddy Callaghan Trio and they’re supporting Michael McGoldrick at The Piping Centre on the 1st Feb. Paddy is an accordionist  and the reigning Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician of the Year and the incredible flautist, Danny Boyle plays in the trio too.

OG: Why should people come to the show?
JR: It’ll be a lot of fun! We’re lucky to share billing with who we consider to be some of the best bands in Scotland, and we’ll be playing some new songs from our debut album!

Celtic Connections Wee Pop Up!
// January 24, 2014

Woodenbox and Randolph’s Leap played yesterday for Wee Pop Up and it was filmed! This is ahead of the gig on Sunday as part of the Olive Grove Records at Òran Mór. Six bands for £10 tickets can be bought here, what an incredible bargain!

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